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Rambler's Top100
Благотворительный фонд <<Подари жизнь>>

Thermo's cradle
About us

This unique temperature meter was constructed and assembled in Petrozavodsk State University. The main characteristics are:

  • Temperature sensor - MAX6577 (produced by MAXIM corporation).
  • Absolute temperature measurement accuracy - 0.2°C.
  • Location - at the front wall of the University building.

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And what how it looks like after events taken place on 4-6 of February 2001. (Previous computer motherboard was determined to be partially dead and was replaced...)

Team of enthusiasts.
  • Alex Moschevikin (UIN #9423181) (site support, overall project);
  • Aleksey Korolkov (electronic circuit project, site support, linux administrator):
  • Alex Solov'ev (highly qualified programmer and electronic engineer, advices on readout circuits, concept of thermo-net, net software).
Support team:
  • Eugene Zhiganov (highly qualified programmer, real time operating systems);
  • Arthur Ivanov (highly qualified programmer and electronic engineer, unix administrator);
  • Serg Smirnov (highly qualified programmer and electronic engineer, unix ideological problems);
  • Others from lab127 team

4th of May, 2001

 Support: Lab127 team