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Rambler's Top100
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Previous polls results

  • [5 Dec 2000.]    Should we change button (temperature gif image, 88x31) design?
    Yes - 24, No - 9, Do not know - 2.
    Settled, button will be redesigned.
  • [5 Dec 2000.]    What is not suitable for you in site design?
    Too poor - 18, Inconvenient - 3, Too few entertainment - 0, Other bad features - 9, Leave as it is - 11.
    New design is somewhere around us. Will it be successful, I do not want to forecast.
  • [12 Dec 2000.]    Will the weather forecasts from other sources be an actual feature of this site?
    Certainly yes - 19, Maybe - 11, It is not necessary - 12, Is it possible?! - 2, Do not know - 1.
    We are in the stage of negotiations with RosHydroMetCenter, they've promissed much. And weather forecast from State's servers (and it means clasters...) are on the road to us.
  • [16 Dec 2000г.]    How much does our temperature meter "lie"?
    +3°C - 3, +2°C - 3, +1°C - 5, Не врет - 23, -1°C - 3, -2°C - 4, -3°C - 5.
    What can I say... Overwhelming majority believes in Wonder. Also I was pleased that quantity of deviations both in one side and other were almost equal. So one can do the conclusion that russian industry keeps the same temperature scale in the process of manufacturing thermometers as we do.
  • [22 Dec 2000.]    Should we show the first digit after decimal point in current temperature value?
    Certainly yes - 34, Yes, because one can observe the temperature tendency to change - 33, It doesn't matter - 2, No, but I can humble with it - 7, No, it is not correct - 7.
    Result of this poll has found himself in new html-document, called interview (only in Russian at the moment).
  • [25 Dec 2000.]    Should thermo administrators try to setup more sensors inside Petrozavodsk area?
    Certainly yes - 32, It doesn't matter - 2, There is no point in it - 6.
    In the near future after careful modification of electonic circuit of sensor this process will shift from the dead point.
  • [30 Dec 2000.]    What button project do you like more (all pictures except the last were presented by Smitana web-studio)?
    - 0, - 3, - 11, - 12, - 4, - 7, - 11, - 19, - 1, - 48.
    41% out of 116 voted stand for "old" button design! Well, but... (see the first poll question)... To my opinion (alexmou) the best is a little bit transformed number 8 and also number 7 is not so bad!
  • [11 Jan 2001.]    Why did you come here? Why are you reading this?
    I'm interesting in weather theme - 55, Site is constantly renewering - 5, Enjoying text content - 8, I'm in trouble with a question: "When will it die?" - 11, I want to support it - 21, I think, site may be substantially enhanced - 16, Surfed randomly and found myself here - 16, I'm it's constant visitor - 23.
    77 people have voted and 22 of them came to our site because "they came here" (in Portos words). Admin (APM) brings himself to category of "When will it die?".
    I was very pleased when saw how many people want to help us!? Thank you, our visitors! If you have some ideas on our site evolution, e-mail me.
    Special thanks for our everyday visitors. In last some days somebody from Sweden (Sodertalje, IP have risen our popularity index.
  • [19 Jan 2001]    What is your opinion on the appearance of men in red in entrance hall and corridors in PetrSU?
    It installed more order - 6, They wanted pink, and happened gray... - 4, Their activity stress me a little - 11, It breaks my civil rights - 5, Money is garbage - 12, Nothing changed - 4, I've never noticed them, maybe they are hiding? - 10.
    As this poll has been finished a new contest on the right to report its results to rector was opened.
  • [4 Feb 2001]    What is your social status?
    Student in PetrSU - 39, Teaching staff (PetrSU) - 6, Other staff in PetrSU - 9, Student - 6, Worker/clerk - 30, Manager - 13, Pensioner - 5.
    This poll revealed activity factor of various layers of society. The most valuable and constant visitors are second, third and fifth groups ("saturation" has appeared in first three-five days poll being published). Average percent of voted as a ratio to all visitors was equal 30%. It is high enough value. Thank you!

  • And others, published in Russian.

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